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Hello. I recently bought 2 of these mini squared wifi cameras. I was trying to figure out how to set them up for remote viewing in other ways than just the designated app. I know it can be done because other apps can view the stream. I just can't figure it out? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you

It didn't come with any set up disk and when I try to enter the up address it says refuse to connect. I have an ASUS group ax11000 router and I don't know how to port forward or at like that.


6/14/2021 5:16:51 AM

I am not familiar with the camera brand/model. Assuming it is like other cheap mini WiFi cameras, you should be able to configure it with the mobile app.

Please check if the camera supports uploading via FTP or SMTP (email). If it supports FTP, then you can configure it to upload footage to CameraFTP's FTP server, like most other IP cameras. Please visit the supported cameras page, and read any Camera Setup Guide document.

If it supports email/SMTP based uploading (check in the Motion Detection / Events / Alarm sections of the configuration interface), then you can configure it to upload footage to CameraFTP's email server. The attached images/videos will be automatically saved to the Camera folder.

For more info, please visit:



6/14/2021 9:04:33 AM

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