Easy partnership models for IP Camera/DVR/NVR vendors, installers and security service providers.

About CameraFTP Reseller ProgramsTOP

  • - CameraFTP is the leading Cloud Recording & Surveillance Service provider.
  • - Our service works with almost all IP cameras / NVRs. We don’t make or sell hardware. Our goal is to partner with as many device manufacturers and resellers as possible without competing with them.
  • - CameraFTP has the most flexible and customizable service plans targeting from home users to world’s largest enterprises.
  • - CameraFTP adds tremendous value to your products and services while offering generous sales commissions.
  • - CameraFTP is a subsidiary of DriveHQ, the leading cloud IT solution provider founded in 2003. Based in Silicon Valley, DriveHQ has over 2.5 million registered users from all over the world.

Who Should Partner with Us?TOP

IP camera, NVR, webcam and other security product manufacturers

Partnering with CameraFTP will help you sell more devices to our registered 2.5M user base and our new users.

Security product retailers / e-tailers

Our service works with almost all IP cameras / NVRs. You just need to partner with one company to support all your devices.

Security camera installers, security service providers and consultants

Almost all customers want cloud recording and remote playback features. You just need to help them setup the service!

Why Partner with CameraFTP?TOP

  • - Users want to record footage in a secure location for preserving evidence. Traditional security solutions use local storage, which cannot offer the same level of security as CameraFTP.
  • - Users want to be able to view, playback, store and share the recorded footage from anywhere.
  • - Selling IP cameras is a one-time-only business. Reselling CameraFTP service will increase your profit margin and generate long-term recurring revenue.
  • - CameraFTP is a proven, reputable and extremely competitive service provider in the Cloud Surveillance industry.
  • - CameraFTP offers generous sales commission and never competes with resellers.

Creating your own in-house cloud solution is inefficient and risky

  • - Developing technologies, setting up systems, operating data centers, it will not only take a long time, but also cost a lot of money.
  • - Your business may not have the kind of reputation, brand name and network infrastructure to service international customers.
  • - The bandwidth cost is very high. It is very hard to reach profitability for a small service provider.
  • - If you cannot offer the best service, not only the service business is hard, but also it will hurt your hardware sales.

Advantages of partnering with a leading cloud service provider - CameraFTP

  • - You can start selling cloud service instantly;
  • - There is no risk, and no initial investment is needed.
  • - It can help you sell more devices, reach more customers.(It will never affect your hardware sales!)

Reseller ModelsTOP

Instant Reseller Model with custom logo (Recommended)     Become an Instant Reseller

  • - The reseller can create sub-accounts for his customers. He can order subscriptions and configure cameras for them, or provide the sub-account information to them so that they can configure themselves.
  • - The reseller can set his own prices. Usually the reseller’s customers will pay the reseller directly. The reseller will receive a special reseller discount or commission from CameraFTP.

To setup, please sign up a free account and then contact CameraFTP sales. with this model, the reseller will have full control over his customers’ accounts; the reseller is expected to provide account-related support.

For more detailed info about how to create and manage sub-accounts, please visit CameraFTP Service Manual, read the chapter about Group Account Service (or Instant Reseller Service)

Referral Program

  • - A reseller can refer customers using his Referral URLs.
  • - CameraFTP can offer a special page or an API for the reseller to sign up customers.
  • - Users referred by the reseller are associated with the reseller. Based on the amount of sales, the reseller will receive commissions.
Note: with this model, the reseller does not have control over customer accounts, and cannot provide any account-related support to the customers. (CameraFTP will provide support).

Co-branded / White Label Reseller Models

  • - These two models are only available to large resellers, mainly IP camera manufacturers. Resellers who cannot meet the minimum annual revenue requirement will not qualify for this program, unless they are willing to pay the minimum annual maintenance fee.
  • - The co-branded / white label models offer the best flexibity and consistent branding for large resellers. For small resellers who don't have engineering and marketing teams to customize the website, the flexibility becomes a disadvantage; similarly, for small resellers who don't have a large customer base or strong brand name, using CameraFTP's brand name will make it easier to sell security products/services.
  • - Both co-branded and white label models allow resellers to fully customize the website's look and feel. They will have access to the website templates and can customize the web pages by themselves.
  • - Mobile apps are usually not customized, otherwise, the cost will be higher.
  • - By default, the co-branded website domain is USERNAME.vosibiz.com. Custom domain will require additional setup and will cost more.
  • - Regular service integration can be easily achieved through the standard FTP protocol. If needed, CameraFTP can provide our proprietary API to resellers for seamless integration. CameraFTP also has advanced software like Virtual Security System and IP Camera Configuration Tool. We can optimize the tools for your products / services.

Reseller Profit MarginTOP

Resellers will receive 25% commission on gross sales if they can sell more than 50 camera licenses.

For over 200 camera licenses, they can opt for a 40% volume discount based on our regular single camera license prices. Below are examples of our service plans and the volume-discount prices. (Note: the prices can be lowered by up to 50% if motion detection is enabled, and if the camera will not be uploading data for at least 50% of time. The discount will be reduced if all cameras will upload continuously.

CameraFTP Subscription Plan
(7 days retention)
Retail Price
Reseller Price
% Gross Profit Margin
320x240, 1 image/6 sec $1.50 $0.90 40%
320x240, 1 image/2 sec $3.38 $2.03 40%
640x480, 1 image/6 sec $4.07 $2.44 40%
640x480, 1 image/2 sec $9.89 $5.93 40%
1280x960, 1 image/6 sec $12.33 $7.40 40%
1280x960, 1 image/2 sec $27.51 $16.51 40%
320x240, 3FPS video & audio $2.50 $1.50 40%
640x480, 3FPS video & audio $6.88 $4.13 40%
1280x720, 3FPS video & audio $12.15 $7.29 40%

Calculate Your ProfitsTOP

If you resell CameraFTP service, assume on average customers pay $8/month, at 25% profit margin, your profit will be $24/year, recurring as long as you maintain Active CameraFTP Reseller status.

By partnering with us, you will attract more customers, sell more products and services, that’s the additional benefit to you.

Lastly, if your camera meets our quality standard, we may feature your camera in our support page, which will help you sell more cameras.

Choose a Reseller Model and Get StartedTOP

As the first step, you need to plan your business and choose a partnership model. The second step is to sign up a free trial account on CameraFTP.com and test our service. After that, you can contact DriveHQ/CameraFTP sales via email or phone.

The first two reseller models are very easy and can be setup instantly. To become an Instant Reseller, you just need to Upgrade to a Group Account

For the co-branded / white Label model, it will take a couple days. After we setup the initial reseller website, you can customize the web page templates.


Interested in our reseller programs? You can become an Instant Reseller online, or contact DriveHQ/CameraFTP.