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Camera FTP Service

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CameraFTP offers a revolutionary cloud-based security and monitoring service. Unlike other security services, our service is extremely easy to setup, the cost is low, and with our cloud-based technology, you can remotely monitor the scene or play back the recorded footage from anywhere on any device. Because the data is stored in our secure data center, it is far more secure than traditional security services.

Today, network security cameras are no longer expensive or complicated. By utilizing low-cost network cameras and CameraFTP service, consumers and businesses can enjoy better service than traditional CCTV security systems at a much lower cost. CameraFTP also offers software based security camera for free. With our software, you can turn a webcam, a smartphone or a tablet into a network security camera at no cost!

Under the hood, CameraFTP offers a special FTP/SMTP service that is fully optimized for network security cameras/DVRs. It supports most IP cameras/DVRs and software-based security cameras. CameraFTP is a division of Drive Headquarters, Inc. (DriveHQ). Based in Silicon Valley, DriveHQ is the first Cloud IT Service provider, offering a wide range of cloud IT services. DriveHQ is also one of the largest FTP hosting service providers. We developed our own highly scalable FTP platform. A conventional FTP server that runs on a Linux or Windows server cannot support tens of thousands of users; however, our FTP server can easily handle tens of millions of users. Moreover, our FTP system is seamlessly integrated with DriveHQ Cloud IT system. Users can use any FTP client software to access our FTP service, they can also use DriveHQ FileManager, Online Backup, Mapped Drive or DriveHQ.com to access DriveHQ services.

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CameraFTP is very different from a regular FTP/email service. We support live viewing, playback, event notification, automatic deletion of old files and many other security features. Also, a network camera may automatically upload footage to the FTP/SMTP server every second. Compared with a regular person, a network camera can create 100 times or even 1000 times more load than a regular person. To support millions of network cameras, an FTP system must be extremely efficient and scalable. Built on DriveHQ’s highly scalable FTP platform, CameraFTP offers more optimized services to network camera users. Our service is more reliable, more efficient, more functional and more secure than any regular FTP services.