The most flexible cloud recording & surveillance service.
More features, lower cost, extremely easy & secure.

Security and Surveillance Service Comparison

You can see CameraFTP has many advantages, incl. more features, more flexible, lower cost, easier to setup and more secure.

CameraFTP Other Surveillance Services
Service price From $1.50/camera/month From $10/camera/month
Retention days 7 days to 10 years Mostly 7 days or 30 days
Contract Monthly or yearly Usually 1 to 3-year contract
Installation Self-installation $99
Continuous recording Depends
Remote live-viewing May require DDNS service and router configuration.
Play back recorded data remotely Usually No
Support most IP cameras Usually No
Use PC/laptop as CCTV DVR security system Usually No
Use iPhone/iPad/Android/WP/Webcam as IP camera Usually No
Browser-based viewer Mostly Yes
iOS / Android viewer app Mostly Yes
Windows Phone/Windows viewer app
Share / publish cameras, embed in your web pages
No storage limit
Recorded data cannot be tampered Yes with cloud recording

CameraFTP vs. regular FTP/email service such as Gmail

While a regular FTP/email service can be used for security camera storage, it lacks basic surveillance features, and often cannot handle the load due to spam emails, storage limit, too many files/emails and abuse detection.

CameraFTP is fully optimized for security cameras. Our FTP and SMTP/email-uploading solution is specifically designed for transferring camera data and does not have any email/FTP overhead. Images are packed into zip files, emails are automatically processed and the attached images/videos are organized in the same FTP camera folder. You can use CameraFTP Viewer to view the live scene or play back the recorded footage anywhere anytime.

CameraFTP Use a regular FTP/Email service (e.g. Gmail) as IP camera storage
Storage limit No limit Limited
FTP/email overhead Fully optimized Email spamming, filtering, abuse detection, too many emails in one mailbox; no camera viewer
Server request limit No limit Upload could be blocked due to excessive usage
Automatically delete old files
Event notification
Browser-based Camera Viewer
Mobile camera Viewer
Remote live-viewing
Play back recorded data remotely
Share IP cameras
Publish IP cameras
Link cameras on your own web page

Camera Hardware Selection

Comparison of IP Cameras and CCTV DVRs/NVRs. CameraFTP is compatible with most IP cameras/DVRs/NVRs. We don't sell hardware.

CameraFTP IP Cameras only DVRs/NVRs only
Main Features Cloud Recording and Surveillance service that supports most IP cameras/DVRs. Features include: Live View, Playback, cloud Storage, Share and Publish. Also supports webcams and smartphones and tablets. Live view (and optionally playback with local recording, if the camera supports local storage) Multi-camera surveillance system + local recording, live view and playback
Hardware Price (1 camera) Service and software only. No cost with webcam or old smartphone $30 - $100 $200 - $300
Hardware cost (3 cameras) N/A $90 - $300 $300 - $500
Support Wi-Fi Device dependent Device dependent Device dependent
Support Night-vision Device dependent Device dependent Device dependent
Use Webcam as IP camera Yes N/A N/A
Use iPhone, Android, WP or iPad as IP Camera Yes N/A N/A
Mobile viewer Yes Device-dependent Device-dependent
Audio Recording Device-dependent; yes for webcams Device-dependent Device-dependent
Supports CCTV live view Yes No Yes
Offsite recording Yes No No

CameraFTP vs. Nest Cam and Nest Cam-Alternative Cameras

Nest Cam is a very impressive IP camera. Its sleek design and high-quality video make it very appealing at the first glance; but for most users, CameraFTP has a much better solution:

  • Nest Cam does not support motion triggered recording
    1. It will keep using your upload bandwidth even if there are no activities. Note many ISPs have a monthly cap on data usage.
  • Nest Cam may significantly slow down your network connection
    1. Uploading HD video requires very large upload bandwidth; however, broadband services usually have small upload bandwidth. Using Nest Cam with HD video setting is usually not feasible for most consumers and businesses, esp. those with multiple Nest Cam cameras. In the end, you will have to reduce your video resolution.
  • Very few models
    1. Nest Cam is a closed system with very few models to choose from.
  • Nest Cam is unnecessarily expensive
    1. At $199 per unit, you can buy 2 to 4 other IP cameras while still meeting your surveillance needs.
  • Nest Cam Aware (Cloud Recording) service is even more expensive!
    1. For 7-day video retention, the cost is $100/year; for 30-day video retention, the cost is $300/year!

CameraFTP Advantages:

  • Support most IP cameras/DVRs
    1. CameraFTP service can work with most in-door and out-door IP cameras.
    2. You can choose from many best-in-class cameras from many different manufacturers.
    3. More choices mean lower camera cost.
  • Lower bandwidth usage and motion-triggered recording
    1. For most consumers and businesses' surveillance needs, CameraFTP uses very low upload bandwidth; you can further reduce bandwidth with motion-triggered recording.
  • Super high quality image or video recording
    1. For high-end users or businesses, CameraFTP supports up to 12MP cameras for large site monitoring.
  • Low hardware cost
    1. For the price of one Nest Cam camera, you can buy 3 cameras monitoring your front door, backyard and living room. You can even use webcam or an old smartphone as your IP camera.
  • CameraFTP Cloud Recording service cost is even lower!
    1. Our cloud recording service starts at $1.50/camera/month for image recording and $2.50/camera/month for video recording. For a single-camera Nest Aware service, you can order 3 CameraFTP camera licenses.