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Can anybody help me in programming my vikiLyn surveillance cameras, please

12/29/2023 3:23:41 PM

Sorry I am not familiar with this brand. You can read the product manual to learn about how to configure it. I searched online and found the manual for one of their models:

I briefly read the manual, but cannot determine if it supports FTP or SMTP based uploading. But the camera supports RTSP. So you should be able to use CameraFTP VSS software with it. CameraFTP VSS is a video/camera management software for Windows. It can use a PC as a very powerful cloud-recording CCTV DVR system. It works better than regular NVR/DVRs.

In addition, the camera manual has quite a few references to Hikvision. It could be a co-branded version of Hikvision. If so, you can read this setup guide about how to configure Hikvision IP camera to upload footage to CameraFTP

1/1/2024 4:36:19 PM

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