With the ease, flexibility and broad features, CameraFTP can fit any low-end or high-end surveillance needs.

Home Security

Creating a home security system has never been easier. While conventional security systems require you to purchase their costly hardware, CameraFTP can work with any IP camera; you can even use any smartphone, tablet or webcam as a security camera. You can start using our service in minutes.

Starting at $1.50/month, you have no excuse not to get protected with CameraFTP now!


Business Security


Businesses don't have to pay a lot for security systems. With CameraFTP, you have total flexibility in choosing a solution with the lowest cost or highest quality, and it can be setup in minutes. With data being stored in the cloud, your evidence are preserved, be it a fire, natural disaster or a break-in.

Baby / Kid Monitoring

You can't be present for each precious moment. But with CameraFTP you can be sure to capture every memory


Pet Surveillance


See what your canines and felines are up to while you're out and about. Even if you cannot monitor 24x7, you can play back and solve the mystery of "unexplainable" couch holes and missing cookies from the table.

Outdoor Monitoring

CameraFTP supports outdoor monitoring, whether it be with a low-cost or high-quality camera. You cannot really use Dropcam for outdoor monitoring, but CameraFTP can support any outdoor IP cameras, incl. PTZ cameras and cameras of extremely high resolution.

Outdoor Monitoring

Broadcast Cameras

Have a scene too precious to be kept away from the world? Publish your camera on CameraFTP.
A link to the camera will be automatically created so that you can share it to the world immediately.

Broadcast Cameras

Share your cameras

Want to share your camera with your friends, co-workers and family members?

Share your cameras