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What is CameraFTP Virtual Security System (VSS Software)?

CameraFTP's Virtual Security System Software is a unique video surveillance solution. You just need a PC and a webcam(s) for our software to create a Security Camera System, like a CCTV DVR.

CameraFTP Virtual Security System supports multi-channel video / audio monitoring and recording. The recorded footage can be saved to the local hard drive, just like a regular DVR; more importantly, it can upload the footage to CameraFTP's cloud storage in real-time, making it more secure than regular DVRs.

Compare Virtual Security System with CCTV DVR Systems

Virtual Security System can replace a CCTV DVR in most cases. For home users and for small businesses, they can simply use the built-in webcam or any low-cost USB webcams. For larger businesses , Virtual Security System supports IP cameras from many different manufacturers, including high resolution outdoor models with PTZ feature. Virtual Security System has a lot of advantages over regular DVRs. Please see the comparison table below:

Virtual Security System DVR System
Cost $0 * (If you already have a PC with a built-in webcam; or buy USB webcams for about $10-20/camera) $250 - $500
Setup Extremely easy Hard
Ease of use Very easy Hard
Local monitoring Yes Yes
Local recording Yes Yes
Cloud recording Yes Camera Dependent (Mostly no)
Remote monitoring / playback Yes Camera Dependent (Mostly no)
Audio Support 2-way audio? Yes Camera-dependent. (mostly no)
Cabling No cabling for built-in Webcam;
USB cables or USB extenders;
Wi-Fi or Ethernet cables for regular IP cameras
Complicated wiring: http://www.cctvcamerapros.com/Security-Camera-Cable-s/58.htm

Virtual Security System vs. CCTV DVRs

Virtual Security System with Webcams or IP cameras

Virtual Security System supports webcams and regular IP cameras. For most home and small business users, using a webcam has the following advantages:

  • Extremely easy to setup. No technical background is required.
  • Inexpensive. You can use the built-in webcam, or any cheap USB webcam.
  • More features and flexibility, supports a broad range of resolutions and frame rates.

For professional surveillance, you can connect IP cameras to CameraFTP service with or without Virtual Security System. However, going through Virtual Security System has several advantages. Please see the comparison table below:

Virtual Security System with Webcam Virtual Security System with IP cameras IP Cameras + CameraFTP service
Camera Cost $0 - $10/camera $50 - $200/camera $50 - $200/camera
Setup Extremely easy Easy for supported cameras, otherwise could be hard or no support at all Requires a little computer skill
Supported service Video / audio surveillance Video surveillance, audio support is camera dependent. Most cameras do not support uploading video / audio files. In this case, it supports … ?
Local recording Yes Yes No
Plan flexibility (customize the frame rate and image / video resolution) Complete flexibility Complete flexibility Camera dependent, usually with limited flexibility
Cloud recording Yes Yes Yes
Local monitoring without subscribing for CameraFTP service Yes Yes No
Casual and standard monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Professional monitoring with night-vision / outdoor monitoring No Yes Yes

CameraFTP Virtual Security System features and system requirements

CameraFTP Virtual Security System features:
  • Extremely easy to setup;
  • Includes a regular CCTV DVR system's features;
  • Stores the recorded footage on CameraFTP cloud storage;
  • Supports local viewing / playback;
  • Supports remote viewing / playback;
  • Supports local and remote real-time viewing;
  • Supports numerous resolution and frame rate options so you can tailor a service plan that is right for you. Save at least 50% of your service fee without degrading your service quality;
  • Works with all webcams, including night-vision webcams;
  • Most IP cameras cannot upload video files, Virtual Security System can enable those cameras uploading video files.

System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and Window 2012 with at least 1024MB RAM and 25GB of free disk space.

Download CameraFTP Virtual Security System        VSS CCTV DVR Solution (HTML)        VSS Manual (PDF)
Visit CameraFTP VSS Software Download Page

CameraFTP Cloud Video / Audio Surveillance Service Prices

CameraFTP Virtual Security System is optimized for webcams and some IP camera models. For baby monitoring, pet monitoring, casual home and business monitoring, we recommend using webcams instead of IP cameras. Using webcams has the following advantages:

  • Free or low-cost camera hardware
  • Your computer is likely to have a built-in webcam, saving hardware cost. If you need more cameras, you can simply buy USB webcams, which are significantly less expensive than regular IP cameras.
  • Extremely easy to setup.
  • Just install the software and add the webcam to the Virtual Security System - no need to wait for the device to be shipped, assemble the camera, connect complicated cables, or configure the Wi-Fi network and camera.
  • Supports full video / audio surveillance
  • Virtual Security System supports video/audio surveillance as long as your computer has a microphone. Many USB webcams also include a microphone, so they will support video / audio surveillance. Most regular IP cameras do not support audio
  • Complete flexibility
  • You have complete flexibility in choosing a service plan – such as video resolution and frame rate – which allows customization that is optimized for both quality and cost; you also have the flexibility to move your camera around as it is not mounted to the wall or ceiling.
  • Higher video resolution
  • Compared with regular IP cameras, many webcams can support higher video resolution
  • Ultimate Security with Client-side encryption
  • Mobile Security Camera software supports advanced client-side encryption. The recorded data is transparently encrypted using your own encryption key; without the encryption key, nobody, incl. DriveHQ customer support staff can see your uploaded videos / images.

There are a few weaknesses of using webcams as your security cameras:

  • Requires a laptop / desktop computer.
  • Most users already have a spare computer, so this likely is not an issue. Using a regular IP camera to directly upload data to CameraFTP.com can free up the computer, however, this does not have the local recording feature as offered by DVR systems;
    Also, most of regular IP cameras don’t support uploading video/audio files, thus you will lose the audio surveillance capability; moreover, regular IP cameras only support certain video resolutions and frame rates, so you may not be able to choose the best service plan.
  • Webcams usually don’t support good night-vision.
  • Most webcams don’t support night vision, though there are exceptions to that rule. If you are buying a new webcam, and if you need night vision, please make sure you order a correct model.
  • USB cables have a very limited length
  • The length of a USB cable is usually limited to about 6-9 ft, which is too short to mount your webcam on the ceiling.
    Fortunately, for most casual home / business monitoring, you don’t need to mount your webcam onto the ceiling. And if you do need to, you can buy USB extenders, which can extend the max length to 50 – 100 ft.
  • Seems no webcams that can support Wi-Fi
  • To mount a webcam, you must wire the USB cable, which is not required for regular IP cameras, as they support Wi-Fi.
    Of course, there is also an advantage that USB-based webcams don’t require power supply, so you don’t need to wire the power lines to the cameras.

Download CameraFTP Virtual Security System        VSS CCTV DVR Solution (HTML)        VSS Manual (PDF)
Visit CameraFTP VSS Software Download Page