CameraFTP Features

The most flexible and customizable pricing model

CameraFTP has the most flexible and customizable pricing model. You can fully customize your cloud recording plan based on your budget and quality requirements. Our pricing starts from $1.50/month!

The Most Flexible and Customizable Plans and Pricing
Most Flexible & Customizable Plans

CameraFTP Pricing Advantages

CameraFTP's service pricing is based on your camera's recording parameters and retention times. Most other service providers offer a flat rate based on number of cameras. CameraFTP's pricing model has a few advantages:

  • CameraFTP's service plan is completely customizable. We can offer very high quality recording service or very low cost recording service (from $1.50/camera/month!).
  • With a flat plan, other service providers usually can only offer 1 week to 1 month retention. CameraFTP can offer 1 week to 10 years of retention.
  • Other service providers usually can only offer video recording service. CameraFTP supports both image recording and video recording. We can even offer special plans for Time Lapse service.

The pricing parameters

CameraFTP's service pricing is dependent on the following recording parameters:

  • Image recording or video recording.
  • Image or video resolution.
  • Image upload frequency / video frame rate.
  • Motion recording or continuous recording. Motion recording is recommended. You can save 50% by choosing motion recording.
  • Image/video retention time.

High parameters will result in more expensive price.

Pricing, video quality and bandwidth considerations

  • Many IP cameras can support full HD or 4K video at 25fps. It is not recommended to set such high parameters. Not only the price will be too expensive, but also the cameras will require too much upload bandwidth. Usually you don't need such high parameters. If you just want to monitor your living room or front door, 640x480, 800x600 or 1280x720 at about 1 fps is usually good enough. You can save a lot of cost if you select low parameters.
  • Motion recording is strongly recommended as it can low the price by up to 50%; it can also reduce the total bandwidth and data usage.

Select an IP Camera / DVR Model

  • While many IP cameras/DVRs are compatible with CameraFTP, it does not mean they are compatible with all of our service plans.
  • Some IP cameras/DVRs can only upload images. If so, you must order an image recording plan; some cameras can only support low resolution images/videos, e.g. D-Link 932L can only support 320x240 and 640x480; some cameras can only support high resolution images/videos, e.g. some 4K cameras only support image/video resolutions from 720P to 4K.
  • Before you order a camera, please consider which CameraFTP service plan you want to order
  • If you use CameraFTP Mobile Security Camera app, or CameraFTP VSS software, usually it is compatible with more service plans.

CameraFTP Service Pricing

For more info about CameraFTP Image Recording service pricing, please visit CameraFTP Image Recording Service Pricing. For more info about CameraFTP Video Recording service pricing, please visit CameraFTP Video Recording Service Pricing.