CameraFTP Features

Large Scale Multi-site Distributed DVR / NVR

For large enterprises with multiple office locations, CameraFTP service can act as a large scale multi-site distributed DVR system, supporting hundreds of cameras.

Large scale distributed DVR System
Large scale multi-site DVR

CameraFTP cloud DVR can support hundreds of cameras in multiple locations

  • A regular DVR/NVR is usually only 4-channel to 32-channel. For enterprises with many locations, it does not work well as it would require many DVR systems.
  • With CameraFTP, you don't need DVRs. You just need to order IP cameras. is your cloud-based DVR/NVR.
  • It can easily support any number of office locations and any number of cameras!

You can view footage of hundreds of cameras from one website

  • With regular DVRs, it is very hard to view camera footage from multiple DVRs.
  • With CameraFTP, you just need to log in to, or use CameraFTP Viewer app to view all cameras from many different locations.

Download Camera Footage

  • You can download your footage from website.
  • You can very efficiently download footage using any FTP client software, such as FileZilla.

View live cameras or play back the recorded footage

You can use CameraFTP Viewer app to view your cameras online. CameraFTP has web browser based viewer and mobile viewer app for iOS and Android. Please go to App Store or Google Play to download CameraFTP Viewer apps. You can also visit and click Software to download the viewer apps.

More details about CameraFTP cloud storage service and pricing

For more info about CameraFTP service and pricing, please visit For more info about how to configure an IP camera/DVR, please visit the Supported Cameras page.